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What is Google Ads
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What is Google Ads – Every second, there 2.3 million searches are performed on Google and the majority of it contain Google ads. It can be extremely helpful for your business. As it can be an effective way to drive more traffic to your website. And your audiences will get to know you more and for the products you sell. 

What is Google Ads
What is Google Ads

It provides a platform for online advertisement. In which you can show your product details, services offered, or videos to web users. Google can place ads in the search result engines. Like Google Search and non-search websites like mobile apps and videos. 

On the Google display network, Google offers to show your display ads. The display network is a vast collection of third-party websites. That has been in partnership with Google and agreed to serve Google ads. Its display on the network can be an image, a video, or a text and can be targeted differently.


What is Google Ads – There are many things you should know about Google ads if you are into online business or if you’re planning to step into it. Here are some benefits you should be aware of Google ads: 

What is Google Ads
What is Google Ads

1. Target your ads:

Targeting gives you the ability to show people you want, who are interested in your products and services. It offers you a lot of ways of targeting and here are some of the choices. What you have with online ads can make your campaign more targeted. 

  • Keywords: Keep words or phrases that people search on the internet mostly. This will help your website to get more traffic.
  • Ad location: Show your ads on the Google search results on pages that are a part of the Google display network. 
  • Age, location, and language: Choose the age, geographic location, and language of your audience to whom you want to show your ads.
  • Device: Your ads can appear on all devices, and you can decide on which all devices you want to show your ad.

2. Control your cost:

It gives you control over how much you want to spend your money. You can choose how you want to spend per month, per week, or daily. And you’ll only be paid when someone clicks your ad.

3. Measure your success:

In this you’ll get to know who clicks your ad and visits your website, purchases some services or products, or downloaded your app- you can track all these things. Once you know all these things you know where to put your ads and do campaigns.

5. Build brand awareness:

When people hear “Google ad,” they think most of the people’s traffic is generated from pay-per-click advertisements. But Google ads are more functional than that. It’s also a great tool for building brand awareness. 

What is Google Ads
What is Google Ads

Atomic Technologies will grow your business rapidly with the help of Google ads. They have a team who welcomes all your feedback and tries to never disappoint you.

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