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SEO Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

SEO Mistakes That Should Be Avoided
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SEO Mistakes That Should Be Avoided – As we all know whether it is an online business or an online world both are increasing drastically. Many people are taking a step forward to enter this new world and explore it. Of Course there will be innumerable things to learn throughout this but things which we had to learn in the beginning to grow the business faster. SEO is the secret to this success but some people do seo mistakes that should be avoided in there website. Lets read more about SEO Mistakes That Should Be Avoided.

SEO Mistakes That Should Be Avoided
SEO Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Now you must be wondering what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Some common seo mistakes that should be avoided. It helps your web page to rank on the search engines and you know that high ranking means to grow vigorously. The higher your page will rank the higher the traffic will come to your site.

Many marketers and business owners fail to attain the best SEO results and this is because they are falling prey to some common seo mistakes. Now we’ll discuss seven seo errors that should be avoided to grow your business more rapidly.

SEO errors that should avoided

  1. Not setting clear SEO goals: To succeed with SEO goals you need to have clear goals. But there are many business owners who run SEO campaigns without any goals. They think that doing SEO will increase their traffic but in return it increases their sales. If your SEO efforts to pay off then you must know what you want, generating more traffic on your site, trying to get more sales or organic leads. 
  2. Overlooking mobile traffic: Today more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices. And that’s why google tends to favour more mobile friendly websites. To generate more organic traffic on your mobile devices you need to ensure that your website is mobile responsive and not take much time to load. The important ranking factors for mobile responsive websites are mobile friendliness and pagespeed. 
  3.  Holding onto old school ranking SEO practices: Google is constantly upgrading it’s algorithm and simultaneously SEO is also changing. The strategies that we’ve been working on for the last 10 years will no longer be effective. So if you want your business to stay on the top of Google SERP, you need to keep yourself updated and use new SEO techniques. 
  4. Buying backlinks: the most important ranking factor is backlinks. But if you are buying the backlinks then be ready to get a penalty from Google. This not only means that you are wasting your money but also ruining your website to get a chance on Google to rank your website. According to Google, most sites that sell links don’t actually boost your website. Because most of the link sellers have the same lists of sites from which they sell. 
  5. Forgetting more about content formats other than text: Doing SEO for text based content will be boring as well as difficult because everyone is doing the same thing. Now many people prefer to watch videos rather than reading the content. That’s why you’ve probably seen more videos on the social media feeds and on Google SERP also. These days content through videos is highest in demand and it will only increase in future. SEO Mistakes That Should Be Avoided.

To get results from SEO and rank highest on Google you’ve to avoid seo mistakes that have been listed above.

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