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How to use Google Analytics
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How to use Google Analytics – Google Analytics how to use google analytics? It is a Google product that we can use for free.To know about the traffic of your website, blogs, YouTube channel. If you are managing your blog, YouTube channel, website, tells about how the traffic is coming from where it is coming. How they reach your website. Use mobile or laptop? And once you have it implemented, It allows you to track and measure your business’ traffic goals and prove the ROI of your web and social media presence. Lets read more details about How to use Google Analytics.

How to use Google Analytics
How to use Google Analytics

It’s also worth noting that while Google is giving us a lot of their data processing power, there is an upper limit. When you hit that, you need to switch to Analytics Premium, which gives you high priority processing. And an unlimited number of “sends” to the Google Analytics servers.

How to use google analytics

To use Google Analytics, one has to first register the website on Google, give access to the website to it. And to create an  account, you have to sign the email that you are using. After that, whatever is your blog, YouTube channel, website you will have to submit the URL of the website, It will send you  verification code. Then add that code to your website  and install it to get access to our website, and traffic reports will reach us. 

How to use Google Analytics
How to use Google Analytics


  1. Traffic Report
  2. Conversion Tracking
  3. Keyword Referral
  4. Third Party Referral
  5. Custom Dashboard

Why Should Google Analytics

  1. Free Tool
  2. Audience Information
  3. Audience Behavior
  4. Understand Bounce Rate
  5.  Automation Data Collection
  6. To Understand Web Pages
  7. To Understand Mobile Audience 

How it is Collected Data

Here are some steps about how does it work:

  • Create an account on google Analytics
  • Add small piece of JS Code on Your website
  • Tracking code collects anonyms information about user activity 
  • Tracking code also collects information from browser: Language, Type, Device, Operating System, Traffic source.
  • Everytime a visitor visits the web pages the JS code triggers.

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