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Google SEO Techniques
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Google SEO Techniques – The power of the internet and the importance of web presence is strong today. More and more people are setting up their websites, be it to sell a product or service, impart knowledge, create awareness, advertisements, etc. But most of them are stuck in because of getting traffic on their website. In this article, we will read more about Google SEO Techniques.

You can also do on-page #1 SEO techniques in which you can optimize your web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. So it is important to learn the #1 SEO techniques that will help your website to generate more traffic.

Google SEO Techniques
Google SEO Techniques

As you know there are hundreds of websites that provide information on the same topic, so it is a difficult task to get traffic to your website. And this is where the importance of SEO comes in. Let’s read more about Google SEO Techniques.

Google is the most used search engine in the world, so it is important to learn the #1 SEO techniques that will help your website to generate more traffic. 

Here we present to you the Next Generation Google SEO Techniques that will surely help you and your Website. 

1. Inspect your website

The first step is to see and access the current status of your website. For this, you can make use of various use of SEO techniques like SEO ranking websites, which analyze and give you statistics and information about your websites and competition websites to know where you stand.

Along with this check your website on a daily basis if all your web pages are error-free. It is the first technique of Google SEO Techniques.

2. Improve the user experience on your site

Now for improving the user experience consider the following factors:

  • Page loading speed: On average a user only waits for 1-2 seconds on a website after they click on the link. If your site takes more than that to open then the user will abandon it and move to the next link of the website. So make sure your page loading time is as little as possible. However, there are several useful tools to help you accomplish this task. Page Speed Insight, Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, and Test My Site are some of the best SEO tools to increase your page speed.
  • Bounce rate: “Bounce” refers to an act where a user lands on your webpage but goes away without any further interaction. A bounce rate indicates that either a user landed on your page accidentally or they landed on your page and didn’t find anything relevant to their search. Though this is not always true, it can be taken into consideration. But, an increased bounce rate lowers the SEO ranking. 
  • Easy navigation: To make your website user-friendly, use a layout that is easy to understand and also mention the contents and links of the website on the webpage, so that it is easier for the user to navigate to their desired result. 
Google SEO Techniques
Google SEO Techniques

3. Content 

Content on your website should be optimized. Which includes:

  • Knowing your target audience and what they want: Before you start writing you must know the type of content you want to write and the audience you want to target. Keep in mind the country and people who constitute the target audience and make your content accordingly. You can also do off-page SEO hereby, link building, increasing link popularity, link exchange, etc. 
  • Keywords: The internet is filled with hundreds of articles written on similar topics with similar information. In order to drive traffic toward your website you need to search for the most searched keywords related to your topic. Then use them in your content meta-description, and coding to ensure that you write content on topics that have the highest demand. 
  • Use long tail keywords: You can use Google trends to search for new keywords and to convert any keyword into long tail keywords. And also it helps you to compare various keywords and choose the best one. 
  • Style and presentation: it doesn’t matter whether you are selling a product or narrating a story. Google SEO Techniques. It is necessary to keep all the content on your website to be written in the best way possible. To enhance user experience and to write the best content:

1. Form mixed sentences

2. Keep small paragraphs

3. Make subheadings

4. Don’t overuse the keywords

5. Text and images should be corresponding to each other

6. Do not compromise on the quality of the content

4. Optimize for Voice Search

Google SEO Techniques – Nowadays, most people prefer using voice searches rather than text searching. And this trend is going to increase in future. So, it is also important to have a voice search on your website.

Google SEO Techniques
Google SEO Techniques

5. Use Images, Infographics, and Videos

Google SEO Techniques – If you want your website to look more interesting and sober, use images and infographics. But make sure these infographics don’t slow down the page speed. A lot of times images take a lot more time to load than the text, and then the user is kept waiting for the images to load, and this makes the user experience worse. So make sure infographics and images don’t slow down the page speed. 

If you are uploading videos on your website then go for custom-made thumbnails that give a clear indication of the topic of the video. Also, add a description for the video. 

Though these are not enough Google SEO Techniques to bring traffic to your website, to know more you can contact Atomic Technologies, they are the best SEO experts in Gurgaon. 

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