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Branding and SEO
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Branding and SEO – Increase company brand awareness. One of the main tasks for brand managers and marketers. SEO has always played a role in building company brand awareness, and before doing SEO some always remember that points to avoid SEO mistakes, but this role has changed significantly over the years. Gone are the days of the early internet. Where digital marketers would just flood the landing pages with the brand’s name. These days you need a savvy SEO strategy. Both for local and international visibility – in order to increase company Branding and SEO.

Branding and SEO
Branding and SEO

As technology has developed, search engine algorithms have gotten smarter, more complex and much more user-focused. Brands are now competing with a global market in an extremely noisy space. But SEO can be a way to lift your brand up over the others. We know because it has been done.

Aasif Ali, Founder and SEO Consultant at Atomic Technologies saw firsthand what good SEO can do for brand awareness:

“I’ve been working with one of my biggest clients, Shri ram Institute, since 2017. When I started working with him, he already had incredible success as a Director. But he didn’t get as much website traffic as you’d expect. He got about 20k organic visitors per month and most of that came from people searching his name and his courses.

Since he had just started transitioning into being an online, we decided to implement a full-blown SEO content strategy. Today, he gets an average of 140k organic visitors per month. That’s great and all, but the key part is that he’s now widely known as one of the top paramedical institute.”

OK, so we know that increased company brand awareness via SEO can be achieved. The main question now is ‘how?’

We went out into the big, bad marketing world. To gather the best tips on how to use SEO to increase company Branding and SEO. Here is what the professionals had to say…

How to Use SEO to Build Company Brand Awareness
Link building as a strategy
We’re not going to lie, link building can be a pain in the… Buuutttt, we can’t deny the fact that the total number of referring domains linking to a page correlates with higher SERP more than any other factor. And, of course, the higher you show in search results the higher company Branding and SEO will be for your target audience. It’s a given that link building has to be part of your strategy.

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