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Best Digital Marketing Tools
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The web offers thousands of tools for digital marketers and also gives them the best digital marketing platforms/ best digital marketing tools in 2023 for their business. With so many options it is difficult to choose and will be a long process. So here Atomic Technologies is presenting you with the best digital marketing tools in 2021. Let’s read more about Best Digital Marketing Tools.

Best Digital Marketing tools for 2023

1. SEMrush 

You should check SEMrush if you really want to improve your SEO strategy. This tool provides many important things which can improve your SEO techniques like keyword research, position tracking, and identifying backlink opportunities. You can even use SEMrush to perform a comprehensive technical SEO audit. SEMrush’s latest update enhanced content marketing, advertising, and social media tool. 


2. HubSpot

HubSpot is a very important tool for all things necessary for executing a seamless inbound marketing strategy. At Atomic Technologies we use HubSpot for email marketing, blogging, social media, and building landing pages.

HubSpot’s new and updated version also allows you to review important KPIs. If you want to learn more about inbound marketing, HubSpot Academy is offering a large collection of free certificate courses that will teach you useful information to help you grow your marketing strategy. It is the Best Digital Marketing tool.


3. Moz

Moz offers you a great collection of free and paid SEO tools both. With the help of Moz, you can do a lot of things: site audits, keyword research, and monitoring your search engine rankings. I’ll recommend you use the MozBar Chrome plugin, which provides instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP.


4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have choice for anyone in digital marketing. In the beginning, this tool seems to be a little advanced, but if you use it to its full capabilities, you will receive a ton of insight into how your users are engaging with your site. 

If you want to increase your understanding of Google Analytics then you can go to Google Analytics Academy. They are offering free courses that will help you to learn everything about the platform so that you can use this digital marketing app properly. 

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

5. Canva 

It is a great tool for creating professional-looking graphics. No matter what your experience in designing but in Canva you can easily use this tool to create social images, CTA buttons, and infographics for free.

This tool offers you a large selection of templates, clip art, and fonts to help you customize your project. Canvas is the best tool for someone who doesn’t have access to more advanced design platforms like Photoshop or design. Canva is the Best Digital Marketing tool.


6. Screaming Frog SEO

Screaming Frog is the easiest SEO crawling tool. This tool provides important SEO-related information about your website that you can download and keep it for later use. Screaming Frog covers almost everything from basic to advanced, from on-page SEO elements to high-level insights like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

Screaming Frog helps you to identify any site errors that are impacting SEO. You can also link this tool with Moz and Google Analytics to have more information. 

Screaming Frog SEO
Screaming Frog SEO

7. Frase

Frase is a great content optimization tool that every digital marketer must have. This tool uses AI to provide advanced content insights that can help boost your search visibility and your web traffic. This tool helps you to optimize your existing content and also helps in writing new and improved content. It is the Best Digital Marketing tool.

As bloggers must know, content research takes time. Frase automatically provides an outline for almost every topic across the web. In about seconds, Frase provides a list of related topics, headers, FAQs, statistics, recent news, and interesting facts that you can use to quickly build a powerful piece of content. 

Frase is a paid tool, but they offer you a free trial. 

8. BuzzSumo

It is a research and monitoring tool (Best Digital Marketing Tools) that can help identify trends around specific topics. BuzzSumo helps you to generate a blog or social media ideas, create high-performing content, monitor your brand’s performance, and identify influencers you may want to consider partnering with. 


It is also a paid app but you can go for a free trial. 

9. Structured Data Testing Tool

If you are leveraging structured data on your website then, Structured Data Testing Tool is an absolute must. Structured Data Testing Tool is a free Chrome extension that tests the structured data on any webpage with the click of a button. Use this tool to make sure your pages are properly marked up or gain some insight into the types of schema your competitors are using. 

Structured Data Testing Tool
Structured Data Testing Tool

10. Detailed SEO Extension

If you’re looking for quick SEO insights then Detailed SEO Extension is an awesome tool. This tool generates important SEO data in seconds. Uncover any page’s title tags, meta descriptions, schema, and internal links to make sure your pages are optimized correctly.

Detailed SEO Extension
Detailed SEO Extension

With such a large selection of digital marketing tools, it is important to know how each one will benefit you. You can surely achieve success in digital marketing with the help of these tools. If you’re struggling to develop a digital marketing solution for your business, contact Atomic Technologies. We will help you in increasing the growth of your company. 

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